Earthero Studio

JUM - Daydream Believer Art-isan Collective Patched T-Shirt No. 2 Small

$127.89 USD

About the Artwork
Earthero Studio invited eight artists in Hong Kong to create hand-painted works on deadstock fabric. The art piece of each artist is then dissected into nine squares to form a piece of puzzle and patched onto T-shirts. Each patched artwork is unique.

About the Artist
Hong Kong based Brazilian artist JUM (@by_jum_) uses various mediums to create colourful psychedelic visuals that tip-toes between real life and imagination.

JUM’s works are highly autobiographical with each piece telling the story of a personal dream or journey of self-expression.

T-shirt: 100% deadstock cotton; artist’s painting: acrylic on deadstock linen.

Handle and Care
Hand-wash with cold water only.

This product will be dispatched after the closing of the Daydream Believer Exhibition on 15 January 2023

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